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Gotthard’s restaurant in Stora Hotellet has a bar, dining hall and outdoor dining area in Umeå’s new indoor square. The name celebrates Stora Hotellet’s first hotel manager and restaurateur, Gotthard Zetterberg, a man who sailed on the famous Greenland expedition with Adolf Nordenskiöld. For 18 years Gotthard was Umeå’s master of ceremonies and the link between the impressive hotel and the more everyday seaman’s mission.

At Gotthard’s there is a mix of hotel ballroom and sea adventure. We are a top class restaurant without the pretensions, a relaxed venue for drinking, partying and business.

The building is full of history so history spices up our menu. Many of our dishes have a story to tell, while every story can become a recipe. We like to give classical cooking a special twist so we can combine unique local ingredients with inspiration from the seas, ports and influences of other cultures.

We are open from early in the morning to late at night. A homeport for the people of Umeå and guests from anywhere overseas.

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Opening hours

Monday - Thursday

06.30 – 23.00


06.30 - 24.00


07.00 - 01.00


07.00 - 22.00

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  • Stora Hotellet’s Freedom Suite is in the old banqueting hall and comprises a bedroom and living room covering 89 square metres. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • At Stora Hotellet, King Oscar II and many a common sailor have walked up the staircase, built in 1895. In the background is Gotthard's restaurant and bar. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Night time at Stora Hotellet’s reception. In days gone by, party goers from the hotel would have mingled here with busy sailors from the seaman’s mission. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen

  • When the 1895 staircase stops, a new staircase takes you to the attic. The new staircase was built from ship wreckage wood, old furniture and stuff found in the hotel's old attic. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Næzéns library is always open to our guests. A tribute to doctor Daniel Erik Næzén and his health spa that was located here. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • The bar in Gotthard's restaurant is next to the lobby. It’s a meeting place for both Umeå residents and guests from near and far. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Gotthard's restaurant mixes fresh, local ingredients and inspiration from the world's ports. A tribute to the Gotthard Zetterberg, the first director of the hotel. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Superstition rooms are compact and cozy sailor berths in Stora Hotellet’s old attic with sloping ceiling, nooks and crannies. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.