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A warm welcome to Stora Hotellet & restaurant Gotthard’s Krog – take a quick look under each heading in the main menu to get acquainted with us prior to your stay. We are far from the typical hotel restaurant – among other things we hold a proud high ranking on TripAdvisor – and we offer a variety of experiences as a part of your stay with us.

We are open from early in the morning to late in the evening. Gotthards is the port of call for the people of Umea as well guests from all over the world. Enjoy!

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About Gotthards Krog

Gotthard’s restaurant in Stora Hotellet has a proud bar, dining room and casual dining area in our continental indoor square.

The name Gotthards Krog is a tribute to Stora Hotellet’s first hotel manager and restaurateur, Gotthard Zetterberg, an explorer and sailor who among many other adventures sailed with Adolf Nordenskiölds famous Greenland expedition in 1878.

After settling in his home town Gotthard became the epicentre of the local entertainment business, the natural link between the splendour of the Grand Hotel and the saltiness of the seamans home. 

When we opened Gotthards Krog in 2014 we wanted to draw from the soul of the place and its dynamic history. A place coloured by influences from ports across of the world settling into a small but ambitious northern town by a river that leads visitors to it as well as helps adventurers on their way.

Regardless of whether you visit our bar, the continental indoor square or the dining room we want to share memorable experiences that weave together Umea with the rest of the world under one single roof.

We also made a clear decision to make your stay with us as sustainable as possible. In this we've gone above and beyond to take care of the world that influences and informs our choices. The vegetable cuisine which is at the core of our cooking across all our restaurants is supplied largely from our own vegetable farm. All of our bread and pastry is supplied by Kulturbageriet, our artisanal bakery in the same building. We are one of only a few organically certified restaurants in Umea.



Luxury mini-holiday with kids at Stora Hotellet

Mini-holiday with Kids & Waterpark includes
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• Stora Hotellet luxury breakfastbuffet
• Waterpark, tickets of admission for 2 adults + 2 children
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Package offer 1,799 SEK / night

Umeå Live Summer Offer

The offer during Umeå Live events includes
• Accommodation for 2 persons in double room “Adventure”
• Stora Hotellet luxury breakfastbuffet

Price 850 SEK / night / double room
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Summer Offer

Summer offer includes
• Hotel accommodation 1-3 nights at discounted rate
• Stora Hotellets luxury breakfastbuffet

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  • Stora Hotellet’s Freedom Suite is in the old banqueting hall and comprises a bedroom and living room covering 89 square metres. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • At Stora Hotellet, King Oscar II and many a common sailor have walked up the staircase, built in 1895. In the background is Gotthard's restaurant and bar. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Night time at Stora Hotellet’s reception. In days gone by, party goers from the hotel would have mingled here with busy sailors from the seaman’s mission. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen

  • When the 1895 staircase stops, a new staircase takes you to the attic. The new staircase was built from ship wreckage wood, old furniture and stuff found in the hotel's old attic. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Næzéns library is always open to our guests. A tribute to doctor Daniel Erik Næzén and his health spa that was located here. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • The bar in Gotthard's restaurant is next to the lobby. It’s a meeting place for both Umeå residents and guests from near and far. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Gotthard's restaurant mixes fresh, local ingredients and inspiration from the world's ports. A tribute to the Gotthard Zetterberg, the first director of the hotel. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Superstition rooms are compact and cozy sailor berths in Stora Hotellet’s old attic with sloping ceiling, nooks and crannies. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.