Stora hotellet and Umeå’s seafarer’s house. Founded in 1895

Umeå has a long and proud history as a shipping city. There was a real wind in the sails of Umeå’s shipbuilding and shipping industries during the 19th century. As a symbol of this success the city’s seafarer’s house was built down by the riverfront – a magnificent hotel and seafarer’s house in one.

When Stora Hotellet first opened its doors in October 1895 it was a place where these two worlds overlapped. For more than 100 years it has been Umeå’s foremost hotel, undergoing a major renovation prior to its re-opening during the city’s appointment as the 2014 European Capital of Culture. Now resplendent once again in nautical-themed regalia, the hotel is ready to welcome guests for another 100 years to come. Stora Hotellet has 82 unique guest rooms ranging from spacious accomodation to compact seaman’s bunks, a restaurant and bar as well as libraries and meeting rooms.

The minimum age limit for booking a hotel stay without being accompanied by a responsible adult is 18 years. For guests attending Brännbollsyran the minimum age limit for a hotel stay without being accompanied by a responsible adult is 23 years.

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Our Sustainable Seafarer’s House

Throughout its history Stora Hotellet has played a central role in the development of Umeå city and the society around us. And that’s still the case today.

We work actively with sustainability from economic, social and environmental perspectives. That is why we are also proud to have been awarded the international Green Key eco-label. This award means, among other things, that we use ecologically certified cleaning products, recycle waste and have smart solutions in place for saving energy.

Here at Stora Hotellet we also strive to be a positive force in the local community and often collaborate with local representatives, suppliers and producers.

Together with our partners in the Blå huset group of companies we work tirelessly to improve our sustainability commitment and continuously evaluate what we can do better. One nautical mile at a time towards a more sustainable world.

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  • Stora Hotellet’s Freedom Suite is in the old banqueting hall and comprises a bedroom and living room covering 89 square metres. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • At Stora Hotellet, King Oscar II and many a common sailor have walked up the staircase, built in 1895. In the background is Gotthard's restaurant and bar. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Night time at Stora Hotellet’s reception. In days gone by, party goers from the hotel would have mingled here with busy sailors from the seaman’s mission. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen

  • When the 1895 staircase stops, a new staircase takes you to the attic. The new staircase was built from ship wreckage wood, old furniture and stuff found in the hotel's old attic. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Næzéns library is always open to our guests. A tribute to doctor Daniel Erik Næzén and his health spa that was located here. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • The bar in Gotthard's restaurant is next to the lobby. It’s a meeting place for both Umeå residents and guests from near and far. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Gotthard's restaurant mixes fresh, local ingredients and inspiration from the world's ports. A tribute to the Gotthard Zetterberg, the first director of the hotel. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.

  • Superstition rooms are compact and cozy sailor berths in Stora Hotellet’s old attic with sloping ceiling, nooks and crannies. Photo: Erik Nissen Johansen.